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Asset leasing / rental

  • Fixed monthly rental for the lease term.
  • Rent payments are tax-deductible.
  • Option to buy or take another lease at the end of your lease term.
  • Flexible lease terms to suit your specific situation.

Commercial hire purchase

  • Hire purchase alternative to leasing/renting business equipment.
  • Full ownership at the end of the loan term.
  • Can lower your repayments by applying a residual payment.
  • Claim the 10% GST on the equipment purchase price on your Business Activity Statement (BAS).
  • Flexible loan terms of 1 to 5 years to suit your specific situation.

Chattel mortgages

  • Secured loans for business equipment.
  • Claim the 10% GST on the purchase price on your Business Activity Statement (BAS).
  • Tax-deductible loan repayments.
  • Can lower your repayments by applying a residual payment.

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Frequently asked questions

A chattel mortgage is a secured loan for business equipment. Unlike a lease or hire purchase arrangement, you take ownership of the equipment immediately. However, if you don’t make your chattel mortgage repayments, your lender can repossess your equipment and sell it to recover the amount you owe.

A residual (balloon) payment is an arrangement whereby you make lower repayments during your chattel mortgage or hire purchase term and a larger final repayment to fully repay the amount you owe. 

Yes, you can save tax by writing off the cost of business equipment under the instant asset write-off scheme provided that the cost of the equipment falls within a set threshold. The threshold is $150,000 until December 31, 2020.

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Simple Equipment Finance is based in Newcastle but services clients Australia-wide. We help everyday Australians and businesses to buy equipment. We are part of the Dealify that also arranges finance for cars, caravans and boats.

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Our team of licensed finance brokers take the hassle out of getting a loan. The Australian lending market is highly complex. There is a huge range of lenders and products available. It’s crucial to get research the market and get the right loan for your needs. But it’s time-consuming and difficult to do that yourself. That’s where we can help.

Our team of brokers fully understand the market and the lending criteria of different lenders. We’ll take the time to understand your needs before recommending a suitable loan and lender for you. We’ll also help you with your application.

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