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Explore the world beyond Perth’s boundaries in a caravanning adventure with family and friends. Kickstart your dream of freedom, travelling around on your own time in a caravan with the help of Perth’s best caravan finance broker. With us, securing the most competitive interest rate with a super quick turnaround – within an hour – is just around the bend. You’ll be seamlessly heading out of Perth and onto the open road before you know it.

Compare & Save With 30+ Lenders

Compare & Save With 30+ Lenders

Compare loans from over 30 well known and trusted lenders. Rest assured we will help you save time and money by doing all the hard work for you. 

Guaranteed Low Rates

Guaranteed Low Rates

If you happen to find a lower rate from a lender on our panel of lenders we will happily pay the difference in interest payable. Terms and Conditions Apply. 

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Fast & Easy Approvals

Fast & Easy Approvals

It’s our mission to have you approved as quickly as possible. Most of the time, we’re able to have our clients approved within 1 hour.

Protect Your Credit Score

Protect Your Credit Score

Too many credit enquiries can harm your credit score and lower your chances of approval. We protect your credit score by matching your lender to the right lender the first time. 

Why work with us

We take the caravan finance legwork off your shoulders so you can spend more time planning your holiday caravanning with family and friends. Dealify has been trusted in helping Perth residents like you save time and money for your next holiday getaway, offering you the best caravan finance package from our 30 partner banks and trusted lenders.


From Joondalup to Rockingham and beyond, we represent you, not the bank, to negotiate the best terms of your caravan finance and leave you smiling the whole way through.


Found the perfect caravan or campervan you need, well-loved or brand new, from a private sale or dealership? Then our friendly team of award-winning finance experts will be with you beginning to end, making the financing process fast and easy for you.


Ready to level up your caravan adventure with Dealify? Get in touch to snag the lowest rate, most flexible Perth caravan finance package right now.

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Our award winning team will help you compare loans from over 30 lenders.

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Scouting for quotes from many different caravan finance lenders all over Perth? It’s not easy and takes a lot of your time… But did you know it can hurt your credit score too? Just call Dealify instead.

Let us take the hassle of finding the best caravan finance options for you. You get easy access to the lowest interest rates in the market from our 30 partner banks and lenders, so you’ll have more funds for your holiday adventure. Plus it’s quicker and stress-free to you, while your credit score remains safe!

Be it caravan finance, campervan finance, or motorhome finance, from a private seller or a dealer of famous brands like Jayco, Ezytrail, Adria, Hilltop, Avida, or Trakka, pre-loved or brand new, we’ve got you!

Call us for a chat and let us know your situation. Then, faster than you ever expected, you’ll be matched to the right lender with the best caravan finance offer. Easy, quick-smart, no-sweat. You’ll be out on the open road having fun sooner than you think!


Case Study

John and Kirsty happily welcomed their first child a few years ago.

Like most first time parents, their son became their world. It was also a lot of work! After a couple of years, they needed a breath of fresh air. Time for a big vacation to get away and refresh themselves.

With all Australia has to offer, from the small towns and friendly locals, to the beautiful landscape, caravanning was a great way to explore together as a family. It was an easy decision to buy their own caravan.

But John is self-employed. Gaining finance seemed to be a massive issue when speaking to the dealership finance ‘experts’. They were either straight-up declined, or made to suffer huge interest rates based on his work arrangements. They almost gave up the dream entirely.

That’s when they came across us here at Dealify Caravan Finance. We had John pre-approved within a week, at rates FAR better than he had been quoted at the dealerships. The holiday plans were alive and well!

John and Kirsty found their dream caravan through a private sale, which saved them an extra $3,000 compared to the same model they were looking at through a dealership.

We handled all of the paperwork for John so all they had to worry was which location to visit first on their get-away. Kirsty chose Seal Rocks, and their young son loved every minute.

Who we are

Our Promise to You

We promise to help you save time and money, always. So matching you with the perfect lender and the best offer, as quickly as possible is our top priority. That’s why our friendly team of caravan finance experts makes the effort to understand your caravan financing needs with your unique financial standing. We will be in your corner from the first enquiry to the final settlement, guiding you every step of the way.

  • Lowest interest rates guaranteed
  • No impact to credit score for enquiring
  • Simple & Fast approval process
  • Access to over 30 lenders
  • Obligation-free process
  • No to Low documents required
  • 24/7 Customer service available 
  • All commercial loan types available 
  • Serving every Aussie anywhere Australia


Secured car loans provide lenders with the right to repossess your car if you don’t make your loan repayments. They therefore lower your lender’s risk. Unsecured loans on the other hand don’t provide any security to the lender. Lenders therefore charge higher interest rates on unsecured loans to compensate them for the increased risk.

Yes, you can purchase either through a dealership or privately. We will guide you through to process with ease.

You are able to purchase a caravan through your business if it is going to be used for predominately business use. In most cases, we would just need a letter from your accountant confirming this. 

A residual (balloon) payment is an arrangement whereby you make lower repayments during your loan term and a larger final repayment to fully repay the amount you owe.

No, our pre-approval process costs you nothing and commits you to nothing. By gaining pre-approval, you can ensure you are able to gain finance before you start shopping. 

Yes you can. Paying too much on your current loan? Don’t stress, we can help you refinance your existing loan into a competitive product that meets your needs and puts money back into your pocket.

Speak to the caravan finance experts today.

We finance all types of caravans:

✅ Conventional Caravans

✅ Tent Trailer

✅ Pop Top / Pop-out Caravans or Combination

✅ Folding Caravans

✅ Camper Trailers

✅ Fifth Wheelers

✅ Motorhomes

✅ And many, many more!